in-house production team

Through our arrangement with Third Tree Creative, Coast Studio can provide a full video and photography production to you.

Equipment used:

  • 2x Panasonic GH5 with VLog, 10bit, 4K (video)
  • 2x Canon 5D Mark III (photography)
  • Canon 70-200 f/2.8
  • Canon 24-70 f/2.8
  • 2x Lapel microphone
  • iPad autocue
  • Additional 3 daylights kit
  • Macbook pro
  • 2x 400W professional studio flash photography
  • Professional tripod system

We offer 20% OFF studio hire rate when hiring our production crew

case study


Brendan approached us to produce his 45 short dance instructional videos which include opening and closing piece to camera, demo for both leader and follower, breakdown of the steps using split screen technique and group demo.

The tricky part of this production was he wanted to show the viewer facing backward just as if we attend a real class but he also recognise that doing so he might be losing the connection with the viewer. Having us as the production crew means flexibility of access to the studio, so as part of the production, we invited Brendan to come to our studio for a test shoot and came up with the solution of split screen where he will face the camera to explain the steps and facing the wall for the demo.

Having done all the preparation beforehand, the production days went very smoothly and the studio had enough space for 4 dancers and 3 crews.

Watch the video here:


We were supplying video and photography production for Nicole for 5 years and her project was always interesting mix of video and photography.

We did for her:

  • E-commerce product photography on white background
  • Styled hero shots for her website
  • Styled E-commerce product photography
  • How-to Instructional photos 
  • Top down How-to instructional video
  • Publication magazine photography
  • Head shot

Nic came with a truck load of art craft, most of them small and fiddly, apron range need ironing, dying shibori need to be hung overnight and the studio has the space and facility to make the most fiddly production enjoyable.

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